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There are moments when it is time to purchase a vehicle. Whether this is your first, second or third purchase, there is always a consideration to take in.

Do you buy a new car or a used car?

One might think that buying a used car would be the way to go because used cars often come at a lower price than a new car. However, a new car could be a better investment because you are guaranteed a car in mint condition with no repairs (and no extra costs) needed.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages to buying a new car or a used car.

Buying a New Car


  • Less money will be spent on maintenance and repairs. A new car requires only regular maintenance (unless there is an accident).
  • If major repairs are needed, chances are that your car’s warranty will cover most (if not all) the costs.
  • There are more financing options with incentives such as cash rebates and better interest rates. The financing rates are also lower on new vehicles.
  • Buying a new car means buying a car with the latest advanced technology which can account for enhancing comfort, performance and safety.
  • Higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions – a greener initiative.



  • You are more likely to pay more money upfront than you would for a used car.
  • The value that you bought the car at will depreciate the longer you own it, which means that when/if you sell it, you will not be making a profit.
  • Insurance is higher when buying a new car and you will most likely need a more comprehensive plan than a used car, which leads to more costs.


Buying a Used Car


  • Costs exponentially less than buying a new car – this makes it easier to save up money to purchase a car.
  • Insurance is lower and you may only need collision coverage.
  • The depreciation on a used car is much less than the depreciation on a new car – which means that you don’t lose as much money.
  • Registry renewals are cheaper.



  • You run the risk of having the car come with higher maintenance and repair costs.
  • The warranty could be expired and therefore if any big repairs are needed, it comes straight out of your pocket.


There are a variety of things to take into consideration when buying a new car or a used car. The advantages and disadvantages are weighed pretty evenly against one another. The choice to buy a new car or a used car depends entirely up to you and your personal preferences. It all comes down to the current various factors in your life. You need to consider several things such as: how much you are willing to spend, how much time you plan to invest in taking care of your car and your preferred lifestyle when it comes to your vehicle.