With 46 Percent of Canadian consumers with credit concerns, the resources available on the internet are making it more accessible than before to put in an application for and receive financing from a lender or directly a dealer that deals specifically in approved car financing, leases and loans with a bad credit history.

However, during the recession various lenders who helped with bad credit loans, left the Automotive Market Place in Canada. Wells Fargo Auto Finance, HSBC and AmeriCredit were national lenders leaving. With fewer challenged credit lenders and less buy here pay here dealers participating in subprime auto financing, resources as found on www.AutoCreditFinancial.ca are becoming more popular than ever. Auto Credit Financial specializes in approved car financing through a national network of lenders and in house dealers in Canada. All connections have extensive experience in helping individuals and companies with credit issues get approved into new, pre-owned, off lease and and low-mileage used cars.

The service provided has closed over tens of millions of automotive loans for customers in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Quebec and Saskatchewan. We deal with most credit concerns and we through providing the fastest, most non-threatening, online car loans for people with bad or new credit.

We help car buyers with all credit find car dealers that will give them a second chance or even third chance. This make our Approved car loans the fastest turn around time to get you driving. Auto Credit Financial works with the most reputable franchised new, used and pre-owned car dealerships in Toronto, Halifax, Calgary, Vancouver, North Bay, Ottawa, Montreal, Moncton and Kingston making our expanding network on of the the largest loan referral to ensure that each customer gets the best car loan possible, even with a poor payment history.

No matter what your credit report and beacon score happens to be, there is help. Auto Credit Financial has worded with people that have perfect, good, poor, or non- existent previous credit history. We also have helped many that have little money or no money to put down. Credit scores of our consumers have been impacted by bad circumstances such as double bankruptcies, multiple repossessions outside of proposal at various times, current delinquencies on existing obligations, repossess than 6 months ago and collections from cell phone companies or pay day loan places.

Now that you know that there is an easy way to get approved car loans if you have had credit challenges. There is no hassle, no obligations and no pressure. We are Canada’s Car Loan Experts for people with all credit. Bottom Line we make it make it easy for you.


“Owning my business has always been something I was proud of, until I got turned down for a car loan from a big dealership. The reason behind my decline was the fact I couldn’t proove my income. I didn’t want to borrow money from my family given the fact everyone in my family thinks I am doing well. After I contacted AutoCreditFinancial, I was surprised how quickly my loan documents got approved, even without the proof of my income. I would like to thank you guys for your hard work on my case.”

James L

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